Louisville Slugger Sports Complex

Digital Marketing: “Play Ball, Play Peoria, Play Slugger Peoria”

When working with a brand as unique as Louisville Slugger, the digital appearance needs to convey both prominence as well as sense of fun. Being a sports complex, the digital marketing with this project is geared toward an athletically-minded demographic. This means leveraging the simplest, most engaging, and accessible channels available.

The Louisville Slugger Sports Complex (@sluggerpeoria) is most effective in the digital space when interacting with it’s audience. As a result, social media marketing is paramount. I quickly established brand consistency across various social platforms. Soon thereafter, @sluggerpeoria social handles became the marketing channels of choice.

After establishing a social framework from which to engage with this target demographic, I needed to further extend customer connectivity. I needed extensions in web presence outside of www.sluggerpeoria.com. Search engines like Google and other popular 3rd party services were the next level of web presence establishment.

By establishing these different presences, I was able to open additional doors of communication to an ever-growing audience. In so doing, it was now even more important to develop an exclusive channel of communication from which to engage with the most avid of fans. Email marketing was the next best level of interaction to work toward. In searching for the ideal email marketing system (EMS), sometimes the simplest is the strongest. I needed something that worked in conjunction with a customer relationship management (CRM) software. MailChimp provided the best solution.

By leveraging all of these platforms, I was able to not only extend the establishment of the Slugger Peoria brand, but I was also able to engage with an even more refined group of athletically-minded individuals. However, extending beyond just your website can have some disadvantages. Specifically, in where customer traffic is mostly derived. At this point in the process I needed to identify and leverage data-collecting services. Some of the services I chose to utilize are listed below