RISE Summit

Custom Branding: “Rising above”

Putting a face to a name can be challenging. A brand standard can set you apart from the pack. When I was approached by the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce (PACC) and the Young Professionals of Greater Peoria to (YPGP) to create the brand standard for their upcoming professional development conference, I didn’t hesitate.

These groups were looking for a modern, bold logo for their 1st annual RISE Summit. This standard would need to be applied to various digital and traditional platforms, if it was to be successful. After being presented with the brand color codex, I sought to storyboard several different designs that could be utilized across various platforms. Eventually, these groups arrived at a favorite among 4 finalists.

The “R^SE” logo was born, with a particularly “cyberpunk” type of feeling. Off-color variations of the design were created based off of the initially selected, and then subsequently applied to early digital marketing materials. These variations would go on to service not only digital content, but also traditional materials as well.

The conference itself would go on feature numerous traditional materials of which this brand standard was the foundation. Materials included but were not limited to; Pull-up banners, table tents, A-Frame signs, letterhead, tickets, packets, folders, etc. All of this, in addition to digital content that was showcased throughout the conference on primary displays.